First, I'd like to thanks everyone who sent me responses to my query about
e-mail groups for health professionals. Here is a summary of those

There are a number of ways to find e-mail lists for health topics. You can
use general list directories. For example, CataList
(, the official catalog of LISTSERVs.
(While the word "LISTSERVs" is sometimes used generically to refer to e-mail
lists it is actually a trademark of L-Soft, which makes an e-mail list

Topica’s email lsit directory at cites thousands of
e-mail resources including newsletter and e-mail groups.

The Net ( also has a number of e-mail lists and
newsdgroups on its directory. Other places to look are
(, and Yahoo! Groups egroups

There are also a number of list directories that focus on health-related
lists. The following were provided by Valerie G. Rankow.

Association of Cancer Online Resources, Inc. (

Disability / Medical Related Discussion Lists

Evidence Based Health-related Discussion Lists

Listservs for medical librarians

Nursing Discussion Forums (

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