Want to know what happened at the Feb. 23rd

CSSA officerís meeting?!

Check it outÖ

**   We received approximately 6 submissions for the programming contest.  David will be evaluating the programs and announce the big winner by March 1st.

**  We look forward to sponsoring a few more interesting speakers this semester.  Our schedule includes one on April 1st or 2nd and a couple more in April and May.

**  Our General Meeting for everyone who is a part of the CSSA will be held in April.  We will recap our successful year and elect new officers.  This is a meeting you donít want to miss!

**  The elusive SIGGRAPH evening will occur sometime this semester.  We will watch the DVD of Chrisís hand-picked favorite animation videos. 

**  We have contacted Norwich University, in order to form a connection with their Computer Dept.  We are eager to hear back from them and would like to include them in our activities.  If Chris gets his way, we could set up a gaming night for UVM to play against Norwich.

**Bowling Night was last Friday 2/20/04.  About 18 people showed up and we had a blast! We will post some pictures on our website once they are available.  Thanks to everyone who came!  Leslie Damon won the trophy for the highest score.  And Yoav won the trophy for the lowest score.  Maybe Leslie can give him some tips!!

**  Movie Night is coming upódonít miss it!!  You can put in a request for your favorite movie if you would like.  Most importantly, snacks will be provided.  Friday, March 26th at 7 p.m. in the CC Theatre.

**Career Day is coming soon.  This event will be beneficial to everybody!!  You will get information and feedback on internships, jobs, PhDís, graduate school etc.  We will be serving lots of food too.  The officers will arrive early to set up and pick up the food.  March 2nd, 9:30 a.m. - 4:15 p.m.

**  For any further information, please visit our cool website maintained by our elusive, faceless, webmaster Chris.

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