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Subject: Fwd: CSSA Programming Contest Question
Date: Sun, 15 Feb 2004 00:25:48 -0500
From: Robert R. Snapp <[log in to unmask]>

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> Hello,
>     I am competing in the programming competition this weekend. I am a
> bit
> confused about a piece of the description. It mentions that our
> program will
> call the function int play(int move); to perform a move and receive the
> opponents move. The description also showed a version of the function
> to use
> for "development":
> int play(int myMove) {
> int yourMove;
> cout << myMove << endl;
> cin >> yourMove;
> return yourMove;
> }
Please invoke a function called play, using the interface described. If
there are a lot of entries it may be beneficial to link each entry with
an externally defined play function that keeps track of the execution
time, legality of moves, and may even implement a socket interface
between the agents.

The "dummy" play function that I provided should suffice for

> Is this sample implementation intended for actual use and our agent
> programs
> will be communicating with the referee program via stdin and stdout?
> Or are
> we supposed to be connecting to a library provided by you, in which
> case we
> call the play() method directly?