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Distribute where appropriate.  All UVM affiliates are welcome to participate, but only students may win the cash prize.

Send questions to [log in to unmask]


Computer Science Student Association
Programming Contest
Feb 14 - 16, 2004

The CSSA is glad to announce our first programming contest in a hopefully annual series.  The contest is open to all UVM affiliates and a cash prize is available for student teams.



   The problem will be announced at the following URL, the CSSA mailing list, and the EM mailing list at Noon on Saturday, February 14th.


   Solutions to the problem will be to create a game playing agent for a novel two-player game with perfect information (i.e., a game without dice or concealed information). The programs will play each other in a tournament.

   A referee program will conduct the tournament selecting two teams to play each other.  The referee will toss a coin to select the agent which must decide to receive the initial state or pass to the other agent.

   The number of states will be finite, and will be representable by an integer vector of fixed dimension. The referee will maintain the state and will pass it to each agent before each move.


   Send files to <[log in to unmask]>.

   Submissions can be made any number of times up to and including 11:59 pm on Monday, February 16.  If multiple submissions are made, only the last will be considered.


   Any time before the end of the submission period a team MUST register in order to participate in the contest.  If a team submits multiple registration emails, only the latest will be considered.

   Send an email to [log in to unmask] with the following information:

      Team Name
      Competing for Prize?  -- See requirements below.
      For each member:
         Primary affiliation
         Email address

Requisites of participation

   Teams may be composed of any number of members.  Any UVM affiliate can be a member of a team.  Registration must be completed.

Requisites of winning

   In order to be eligible to win the contest prizes, all members of the team must have a primary affiliation of student and no officer of the CSSA may win.  The team must meet the requirements of participation above.

   The eligible teams will play in a tournament and the winner will be awarded the prize.

Evaluation of programs

  Your program must run on the EM host tyr.  There is no restriction on the language used to solve the problem, but programs must adhere to a naming convention and command line interface that will be specified in the problem description.


   $200 Check

   The prize will be distributed evenly among all members listed on the winning teams submission form.

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