Hey folks,

  Just an FYI:

 Sanders office is sponsoring a statewide meeting on Women's Issues on
4/3/04 (sat)  at VT technical college.
*       this is a free day  of worshops and discussions
*       some topics covered-- "women's rights and reproductive freedoms,
access to alternative health care, women and livable wage, breast cancer and
the environment, issues facing young women in schools and human trafficking"
*       we've got lots of postacards with basic info and "save the
date"...not sure if the group is interested in going, but If you or anyone
you know is, I can send over some postcards.

 Take care,

Beth Tarallo, VT Grassroots Organizer, PPNNE
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802 878 7232 ext 232
March with me on Sunday, April 25th 2004 for Women's Lives! Check out
www.ppnne.org/march for more info and to buy bus tickets!