We were supposed to be tabling at Cook Commons from 1:30-2:30 today, handing out
flyers and getting people signed up for stuff.  But at around 2:00, there were
only 2 people there out of the 4 that were supposed to be.  Plus, we had no
photocopies and it was already running late.

This is nobody's fault, and that is not the point of this Email.  It was really
an organizational failure.  The tabling information was sent over the list, but
nobody followed up with the people who were supposed to be there to let them
know what's up, and whether they would be there on time.  One person was going
to be late, which is fine, but nobody who was tabling knew this because of a
lack of centralization.

So, my idea as to how to make sure this doesn't happen again is that we
designate a specific person or specific people to follow up with members about
when and where they will be tabling, and if there are any peculiarities about
the situation (going to be late, need photocopies, etc.) to let everybody else
who signed up for that time in on that information.  Also, that person could
also make sure that everything as far as table materials is on order.  We can
discuss this at Monday's meeting.



"We are now faced with the fact that tomorrow is today. We are confronted with
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-Martin Luther King, Jr.