Hi, this is T.J .
     Cheers to Shannon for getting this up so fast, awesome!

     I have the first draft of the poster for our Panel on the 17th for
to check out. If anyone has any recommendations/improvements for it I'd love to
hear them. Also, if there are any mistakes (which are likely :]) it would be
best to catch them before the copies are made. The Panel Committee had decided
to go with a picture of Bush singing the Abortion Ban, but when I made up one
with that at the center it seemed kind of weird to have Bush at the center of
our pro-abortion poster. Do you think the switch to a picture/caption of the
massive 1991 pro-abortion march makes a better center picture? ( I still have
Bush's signing as another, smaller picture with a caption.) I'd like to hear
everyone else's throughts before we run anything off. I hope to hear back soon!
And, again, thanks Shannon for getting this up and running so fast.

                                                                     - TJ