Monday February 9, 2004
Penguin Plunge
A couple of residents from Simpson wanted money for 14 kids to participate
in the Penguin Plunge this Saturday.  To registrar it is 25 dollars per
person.  We gave them 300 dollars to participate.

IRA issues:
SGA is asking for 35,000 to put on Spring Fest (they want to get black eyed
We voted on giving SGA 15 thousand dollars

Februrary 27th from 9pm to 129m WING FEST IN HARRIS MILLIS

Battle of the Bands happening again!!!

Need a publicity committee

Valentine's Day event WEDNESDAY FEB. 11th at 7:30pm

Next meeting will be held Feb. 22nd at 9:30pm in Hamilton Lounge
We will be talking about community concerns (e.g. getting pots and pans,
getting more dvds at simpson desk, fixing lighting in Hamiltion Lounge).