I would think that the same legal thinking that
applies to school lockers would apply to student files
on a server.  While you generally leave lockers alone,
you would conduct a search if you thought it was
necessary for student safety, etc.. Students should be
told at the onset that the computer network is the
property of the school and you reserve the right to
review files if necessary.

David Wells


I'm Larry Booker and I teach IT at Windsor HS.

My policy is that whatever happens in my IT classroom
is my business and I have the ultimate right to
examine all student accounts.

Hope this works for you.

Have an uptick day!!!!!


>From: "John DeCicco (OVUHS)"
>Reply-To: School Information Technology Discussion
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>Subject: Confidentiality
>Date: Tue, 10 Feb 2004 10:57:46 -0500
>Hello All,
>This is my first post.  I am the Tech Coordinator at
Otter Valley Union
>High School in Brandon, VT.  Does anyone have a
written policy regarding
>the conditions under which a student's home folder
might be opened and
>viewed?  I have had a couple of instances in the last
year where I had
>probable cause to search the students' folders.  It's
my understanding
>that if no policy is in place, and the search is
performed, the school
>would be put in a legally precarious position.  I
would rather let all
>know that the school reserves the right to search the
>computers, although this may be implicitly
>John DeCicco
>John DeCicco
>Technology Coordinator
>Otter Valley Union High School
>2997 Franklin Street
>Brandon, VT 05733
>Tel: 802-247-6833 x215
>Fax: 802-247-4627
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