I'm sending this to all our members to show what we do at Windsor HS.  Ask your college students what they did in high school.  Please let us know.

I believe in IT courses using the net for research as much as possible and I've devised several projects which require students to get information from the net.  We use: BLOOMBERG, IPE, NYMEX, TRAVELOCITY, SCOTRADE, NASDAQ, FANTASYCARS, ORBITZ, MAPQUEST, WORLDATLAS, GOOGLE, NYSE, HOTELS, GOOGLE, KNOWTHIS and others.

We do exercises for speed and accuracy.  We use books for business letters and formats for scientific and literary reports.  Spread Sheet -- spun into charts -- and the related reports are necessary.  Doing a Word Processing report, with imported Net Research -- always put on spread sheet with appropriate graphs -- is used.  This is the "dog" work and no one likes it, but it increases speed and accuracy.

The whole point is that IT should be, in my opinion, an integrated use of technology in report preparation, Power Point presentation and other presentations.  Fluency in Power Point is, in my opinion, crucial for a high school student. 

If a student wants to be fluent in IT, s/he should be able to search the net for the price of beef in Australia, convert it to French Francs, then into Euros, find the airfare to Sydney from JFK in New York, get a hotel room in Sydney -- luxury, of course -- fly to Tokyo, understanding airfare and connections, get through money conversions, write a word processing report on international travel, prepare a W/P report and a Power Point presentation with imported pictures, and statistics -- always graphed -- to the W/P presentation and Power Point presentation.  Sound, motion, color, auto slide transition, background and texture are important in P/P presentations.

Travel from JFK to Sydney is a first step.  Students must make twenty flights and find at least twenty hotel suites to stay in.  My students do and its hard work.  But they learn.

Money conversions, international travel, charts, imported information, relevant data and other items all should be a part of integrated software for the minimal IT class.

IT should be a challenge and it should be a fun exercise.  Always different in its projects.

AND I make NO pretensions to be a typist.  I am not.  I am a Capitalist who teaches IT, amongst four other Business courses.  So.  There it is from my point of view.


Larry Booker,Business Teacher, Windsor High School

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>Subject: High School use of Educational Technology
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>Hi all -
>In a couple of weeks I'm going to be speaking with a group of college seniors who have asked the question: "What are the good uses of educational technology in high school?"
>Can you give me some examples that would answer their question?
>If you respond, please don't feel you need to write a lot... just a few bullets. If there are any helpful links, please include them.
>By the way, I don't need the BIG projects... its really the useful day-to-day, ground-level applications of technology & examples of technology integration within assorted content areas that they are seeking, not necessarily the technology-focused projects.
>Thanks for any help you can give!!
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