Dear List:

I have heard (see below) that Gateway Country Stores will take Epson's for
credit if they already sell that printer model. We have c42ux's and 777i's.
I have contacted the local stores (NY and ME) to find out if they will.

Anyone else come up with a way to recycle empty Epson's?



This from FundingFactory:
        Thank you for inquiring about Epson printer cartridges.  Although we
would like to recycle all cartridges, we are unable to do so at this
time.  Epson is one company that currently does not recycle their
printer cartridges. This unfortunately gives us no choice but to dispose
of these cartridges when they arrive at our warehouse. This means that
no other companies can recycle Epson cartridges either.  Our company has
contacted Epson several times regarding their recycling policy.

This from Epson     [log in to unmask]
        Thank you for your interest in recycling your empty Epson ink
At this time, our recycling program is only for Epson hardware such as
printers, cameras and scanners, to name a few.  We are currently evaluating
programs designed to accommodate used ink cartridges.  We are working
toward a program that is environmentally appropriate yet cost effective.
        In the meantime, you should check with your local community about their
recycling programs.  You can also check with your local Gateway store, as
we understand they have implemented a recycling program that accepts Epson
ink cartridges.