On Feb 6, 2004, at 12:58 PM, Doug Reaves wrote:

> As a teacher, I believe that I
> have to be directly involved with them on this process, because it is
> only
> something that a very sophisticated learner can do for themselves.
> Many of
> you will cringe when you hear this, but I don't think younger learners
> can
> take the required next step in acquiring sophisticated thinking and
> analyzing skills, without a lot of help from adults.


I completely agree with the above statement. My point is not that
because kids are more facile with data that we can ignore them and let
them get on with it. Rather, I think it's imperative that we DON'T
ignore their use of technology. As educators, we are all very torn
about where to focus our energy. Currently, because it is a foreign
topic to many teachers and because it takes some time to learn how to
use technology appropriately, we often choose to ignore this very
prevalent part of children's lives. I think that rather than ignore
technology we desperately need to provide guidance for children in how
to make sense of the data that they are acquiring at an astounding
rate. We need to demonstrate how to filter, teach them how to analyze
and draw conclusions.


Tammie Patten
Technology Integration Specialist
Orange East Supervisory Union
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