hey harjit what is happening?  just got a question for you I just
installed pinicale instant cd.  after I restarted my computer I found
that there was a Vobib instantdrive cd scsi cdrom device.  what is that?
 Is that a virtual drive that the software talks about?  I am not sure
where this drive is or how to use it.  Anyway if you know some info
about this drive or instant writer I never used it before let me konw.
thanks matt

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    I agree with Tommy.  Continue posting for assisting.  We all learn
from it one way or another.  Some of us tend to over educate rather
get straight to the point.  Oh well, at the end it's a matter of
preferences and personal opinions.

Harjit Dhaliwal

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        Please don't shy away from this tool to ask for help.  As a
offender, I will readily admit that sometimes we take a topic and run
absolutely into the ground.  Not your fault.  I lurked on this one,
did learn from the domain name discussion, so thanks for bringing it
And please do consider that all the people involved in this discussion
really were enjoying themselves.  It's a geek thing.

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                Thanks to all of you who responded to my inquiry.  I
learned a lot from
                > the discussion.  Using the listserve was the fastest
way I could think
                > of to get the information I needed.  Being new to
tech coordinator's
                > position, I've got a steep learning curve and, I
thought, who better to
                > learn from.  I'm not so certain I'll use this route
ask for help in
                > the future.