E-Mail to UVM Students

MARCH 1 FINANCIAL AID APPLICATION DEADLINE!  This is an important reminder
to all students applying for financial aid for next year.  Renewal of your
financial aid for 2003-04 is NOT automatic.  You and your family are
required to complete a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and
submit it promptly so that it reaches the federal processor no later than
March 1 to be considered for aid next year.  Those students who file after
the March 1 filing deadline will receive aid awards that may include higher
levels of LOANS INSTEAD OF GRANTS as a consequence of filing late.  The
University has limited grant funding available to distribute so it is
critical that you file on time.  Eligibility for state grant assistance
(VSAC) also requires an on-time submission of your FAFSA.

If you have questions, be sure to contact your Financial Aid Office Service
Team for help.

A.John Bramley
Provost and Senior Vice President
University of Vermont
348 Waterman
Burlington VT 05405

Phone: 802-656-4400
FAX: 802-656-1363