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>> .....that could accommodate a group of 35 or more :)
>Sweetwaters probably could, but like NECI Commons
>their food is inconsistent.

Yes, the food at both spots is pretty good, but I've gotten mixed reviews
from other people...Isn't NECI a little pricy?  How about RiRa's Irish Pub
on Church Street?  Food is decent and I could see a bunch of rugby players
in there...although I'm not sure if they have the space to accomodate that
many people in one party.

>Sirloin Saloon on Route 7 (not downtown) might be able
>to accommodate a group your size.

They probably could.  They have some back rooms that could probably
squeeze your party in.  The food is pretty good there as well.  I know
someone who works there, I could ask if they ever do large groups or you
could just give them a call.  You would need a driver though to get there,
not walking distance of downtown Burlington.


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