Dana wrote:

"Huh?  Lack of self-triggered release history should have no bearing on
skier triggered events. I don't get any warm & fuzzys out of "freak
occurance" statements under Considerable or High avalanche conditions-
did they think they had immunity from the laws of physics? (The SME
event had a similar sad "lack of history" explanation, if lower general
assessed hazard for the area than in the Valhalla slide.) Lower risk
isn't "no" risk, if it's in a potential slide path (read, "greater than
25 degree open slopes above")."

Just so we're clear, this event was not skier-triggered, so your first
point is a little off base.  That said, despite any precautions they may
have taken, they were still clearly in some sort of slide path (though
given the size of the trees that wre snapped around them, it doesn't sound
like that was a very active path).

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