Steve wrote:

   I don't understand how they concluded that the area
   was no or low risk given that it was below unstable
   upper bowls.

   Do cat skiing operations do any avalanche control in
   their permit areas or do they just guide people to the
   areas with the (relatively) lowest risk?

 I certainly can't speak for Valhalla powder cats, but I seem to
 recall part of each morning's safety talk was something to the
 extent of:

 "We don't manage the terrain, we manage the skiers"

 They certainly didn't do any avy control work while I was there,
 and both the owner Lindsey and the guide Marty said that they
 had never skied snow as deep as what we were skiing, so those
 certainly would have been days that warranted it.

 So, my guess is that they do no control, and try to keep the clients
 safe by only bringing them to areas that are safe (in their opinion)


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