Getting up at 4:30 AM--------A pain in the neck.
Almost 8 hrs round trip with food stops-------------A pain in the neck
Gas cost-------Around $40.
Breakfast and dinner on the road--------Around $20.
Two tickets at half price with another pass deal--------$54.
Shirley skiing glades all day with a SEG------------Priceless.
The snow _is_the difference.
And it was coming out the wazoo all over the place yesterday.  I can't believe the powder I skied at Jay.   Greg, Shirley and I could get untracked all day in any glade.  The wind stunk big time but no worse than Whiteface or Gore at times.  It was right at zero degrees at the summit tram house but all lifts were operating and even the trails were a joy to ski in boot top to calf deep snow all over the place.
We don't go to Jay to ski the trails however and proceeded with Bushwacker off the Metro lift for a warmup.  Then we gutted out the freezer and did JFK to lower Everglades.  What a difference since the Sunday of SF which I thought was pretty darn nice.  Next we did the tram and down to Beaver Pond and found untracked average knee deep plus or minus in places.  Shirley made consistent turns through there without much trouble.  It wasn't bumped up or skied out which made it easy to keep them pointed more down the fall line.  Wanting to maximize time we did the Metro lift again and cut all the way over to the Jet triple.  The wind was still pretty bad but not as painful as the freezer.  Man was Timbuktu deee-lightful!  Outrageous!!   Shirley recalled the last time she was in there and frequently spun out on ice patches between the bumps while hitting stumps, roots and occasional rocks.  Not yesterday!!  Nuthi! n but snow anywhere and everywhere.  Then we went up the triple again and decided to head for tram base and lunch.  Shirley decided to circumvent Kitz woods that Greg and I did. Greg and I found Kitz woods deep and untracked to the far skiers right.   Unfortunately, we thought we might be able to catch Taxi and meet Shirley and came out lower than she was.  We tried to cut through some woods that we thought would bring us over eventually but there were a couple of mini canyons running through that kept us working down more than we wanted.  The last stream bed was actually getting steeper.  Greg sticks his Volkl's off the edge to the toe pieces and points em straight down.  I thought for sure he was going to crash and burn on hidden boulders.  No way!  He bottomed out about crotch deep and got stuck, had to kick the skis loose and point them diagonally downhill and up out of the stream bed and cruised out the other side. ! I followed suit but more diagonally and sat back a little and didn't get stuck.  Unfortunately we had to go down and catch the t-bar up and do that return trail in the condo back yards to get to tram base.  It was a good try anyway.
After lunch we opted for the Metro lift again and over to Bonaventure lift.  Here the winds were the least obnoxious of any of the lifts.  We did Canyonland with the same results as all the rest.  Then over to Bonaventure glade for more of the same.  As we rode back up we noticed a fair amount of tracks in and out of Deliverance but not near the top.  Both sides of the trail immediately off the top of the lift that takes you to the top of River Quai and Upper Can Am were roped off.  Here's where the trip got real interesting.  Greg and I convinced Shirley to take the Northway, angels wiggle, taxi route and we thought we could just cut through that scrubby brush stuff before Power line and work back left to Deliverance.  The theory was correct but the application stunk.  We followed other tracks of both board and ski persuasion and figured they knew where they were going.  Maybe they did and maybe! they were doing the same thing we were.  We squeezed through spots that a beagle couldn't follow a rabbit through.   I found pine needles in my ears later and I was wearing a helmet.  At one point I decided to take the skis off just to squeeze through a tiny- tiny opening.  I wondered how deep the snow was and I found out.  This fits in with the tree well thread.  As I wiggled to try and free myself it was the quicksand effect.  I was almost up to my armpits and my feet weren't touching anything.  I hollered back to Greg to NOT take his skis off.  Then I saw one sturdy looking branch and did a chin up.  While suspending myself from the branch I kicked one of my skis right side up into position and stepped down.  Oh did that click sound wonderful.  Shirley was calling on the radio wondering where we were as she was freezing down where Deliverance comes out.  We assured her we were ok but this was going to take ! a little time.  Eventually we came out in one of the deliverance chutes.  Wow is all I can say.  I really can't describe it.  I don't have Duphphy's eloquence at elaborating on the experience.  Just wow. 
Finally we met a freezing Shirley and we finished out with Showoff glade.  She wanted to take a break since it was after 3:00 and she had been standing around waiting for us quite a while.  Greg and I wanted to do Vertigo but couldn't figure out how to get at it due to the same reason as Deliverance.  We had enough exploring for one trip and opted to go around Goat run and find North Glade.  Again amazing.  Just wow.  It was now 3:30 ish and we gutted out the freezer to do one full Everglade from the top.  More wow.  Too much skiing and not enough time.  One last trip up the freezer with almost no human beings anywhere on the mountain.  Out we went to the farthest rope in BBP.  The ultimate wow of the day.  Staying out of the main line chutes rewarded us with over knee deep continuous lines.  Greg and I would have gladly stayed longer but the rope was up across the lift lines.   
Today I applied for three more mid week days off in March.  I figured I was going to keep a more sizable amount of time off for this summer.  I will worry about the summer when it gets here.  Right now I am in the mood for more wows.  Keep the snow coming. 

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