Daniel wrote:
>Last year I baught a pair of Nordica F8 boots, and got some custom foot beds
>made for them. Now, ever since I've had these boots, I've felt like the of my
>foot opposite the arch (I'm sure theres some name for it, but I don't know)
>hurts pretty badly. Below is a diagram (poorly drawn, but good enough for
>       nnnnn
>       \   |
>        )  |
>Arch-> )  |<-Part that hurts
>        |  |
>        ----
>The pain feels kind of like an extreme stretching. When I'm on cruisers, I
>hardly notice it. When I am in the trees or moguls however, IT KILLS,
>especially right after I stop to take a break or wait up for others. I never
>had this problem with my old boots (although they were a full size bigger).

I interpret your description and drawing that it is the outside of your
foot opposite the arch that hurts. Assuming yes, it might be a matter of a
pressure point or the boot being too tight over the arch. I have a very
narrow foot with a high arch, so I'm subject to heel lift. If I crank the
arch buckle(s) too tight, as I might do in a too-wide boot, I'll get a
severe cramp along the outside of the foot. Is this what's happening with
you? You might need some adjustment of your foot-beds or a heel lifter or a
slight shell mod. See what happens after you try them with the original
insoles. In either case you might want to search out an expert boot-fitter.


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