Marc Chrusch <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
>Rather than old-school/nu-drool slagging, keep in mind that a huge number
>of professional discussion groups - including many for computer
>web developers, and information architects - are listserv instead of web
>based for precisely the reasons Paul mentions.

True dat.
The work thing is the #1 reason though. Telemarktips (a phpBB) could not
be more blatant. And I actually think the skivt web interface is about as
streamlined and user friendly as it gets. Don't fix what aint broke.
Having an email based interface really cuts down on the number of idiots

Interesting that there has been not a peep from the grand plaid poobah on
this. Ultimately, he's the authority and I can pretty much guess what his
opinion is ... old Skool. We're goin streakin!


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