As one also signed up for the trip I've been reading the thread considering
the well made points, frustrated by the inter-personal BS, and remain open
to intelligent dialog.  That are simply not enough facts yet and that leads
to speculation and ranting.  We have time before our trip.  I'm sure VPC's
is up to their arses in alligators at the moment.  Let's give them a few
days and have our representative (Leigh) give them a call and get the
details.  After this thread he is well equipped with our valid concerns and
can get them answered point by point. Also, as bruno suggested, I think if
he could get some phone numbers of clients involved in the incident and get
their perspectives on the professionalism of VPC's, it would be invaluable.
With hopefully new data and feedback from people involved we can make an
informed decision on what to do next.  Until then I ask everyone to cool
off.  There is a vast knowledge base amongst the lister that I personally
value and enjoy.  To think that some of it might be limited "Mark Renson has
considerable experience with heli-skiing and avy training but won't even
offer the list his thoughts." because of not wanting to get sucked into the
BS is a shame and a disservice to the list and all who participate.  Ladies
and gentlemen lets raise the bar, give up the personal attacks and learn
from each other.

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> At 03:10 PM 2/9/04, I wrote:
> >Fair point, Bruno, and thanks. Yeah, I was referring to a flame war
> >Valhalla Avalanche, not good solid edumacashional discussions titled
> >Valhalla Avalanche pf thw aoer that can keep skivittlers alive, ornery
> >flaming.  My apologies.
> "pf thw aoer" is fumblefinger which translates exactly to "of the sort"
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