On 2/6/2004 10:19 AM, telenaut wrote:
> What the heck kind of a come-on is that? I always want a pointer or three.
> Felt pretty good skiing that day.
> Was conscious of using a tele version of the Courville back-on-the-heels
> style, to manage the deep pow. Felt I was flailing some (as usual) with my
> arms. But I bet you saw more 'n that. Give it up. Front channel or back.
> --tn

Your arms have something to do with it, yeah. :)

I was going to wait 'til we skied in person, so I could verify what I
saw, but OK, you seem anxious to hear..  I think your poleplants are

In the Plattekill video, when you are transitioning from a right turn to
a left turn, you plant with your right arm, propelling your upper body
into your left turn, but at the same time doing weird things to your
shoulders and (consequently) your weight.  Ideally you want to plant
with your left hand, and then "turn around it."

Initially I thought it was a bad turn, or some other anomaly, but it
happened in nearly every clip, so I think it's a habit.


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