Hi Folks.  We need final committments to add to the short list of present
attendees.  I have great news.  Literally yesterday, I got a line on a 12
passenger van to lug us and our gear through Quebec. The cost is C$99 per
day plus a small mileage charge. It will be about C$800 total. If we get 10
people to sign on, the cost pp will be about $US60.00 pp.   We can share the
driving, with my plan being to swing across YS, picking up DickC on the way,
then across into Vermont to pick up RichR, up into Burlington to pick up any
other Vermonters, and lastly 'Chromer at a point to be determined.

Since I have to be in attendance with Jackie racing at Bristol Mountain in
Rochester until about 3:00pm on Friday, my ETA will be based on that time
frame.   I expect to land in Burlington by about 8:00 pm on Friday.

The only catch is that I *MUST* know everyone's intentions by Wednesday a.m.
at the latest to arrange for the van, and to make hotel room reservations
for an appropriate number of D.O. rooms.

So far, we have confirmed:
Rich Ramsden
Dick Carlson
Rob Urwin
Chris Goodwin
plus potentially Jason Ross, any and all of Sharon/ Sharon's friends who are
still interested, and any of the other several bc's I've received.

Ten people are about the limit with room for gear.  Snow conditions are by
far the best in the Northeast.  These hills offer amazing terrain.  The trip
is dirt cheap (<$US300), the food will be great, and it's fun company
without the Presi's Week crowds.  Who's in?


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