There's already some rumors of 2005 gear out there on the interweb.  I
was searching for something about a Burton split Fish... instead, I
found news about a Burton Malolo (Hawaiian for "flying fish"
apparently).  It looks like it will be a slightly less "fishy" Fish.
The Fish has 30mm of taper (the nose is 30mm wider than the tail).  The
Malolo will apparently have 20mm of taper.

I'm torn between "why?" and "I've gotta have one!"  :)  Could it be
that the Malolo will be almost as turny as the Fish but hold an edge a
little better in firmer conditions?  If so, I'll probably end up with
one.  I posted something to the Burton message boards a couple of years
ago saying I'd love a board that would do just that.  Something for
riding in the trees on those "not so fresh days".  JG, the shaper of
the Fish, responded with something like "wait... it's coming."  Maybe
this is it.

If you're searching for info, a lot of people are mistyping "Malolo" as

Jason - "redraobwons"

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