On Feb 13, 2004, at 3:52 PM, Allen Evans wrote:

> alright, i guess you workplace poachers win!
> guess you guys'll be old-school forever

Absolutely. But you know something? Sex is kinda old school, too. But
sex is still pretty popular, and there's still no better way to
procreate. Korean experiments not withstanding, cloning still doesn't
cut it.

I've been through this, "Gee, wouldn't this or that web forum software
be so much better than..." argument many times before -- with faculty,
staff, students, and even Mad River Glen shareholders -- and have yet
to see compelling evidence that this or that forum software offers any
substantial advantage over an old-school email interface or the on-line
archives format.

Like Paul said, don't fix what ain't broke. SkiVT-L has survived -- no,
flourished -- for some 15 years or so now with damn little tinkering.
We must be doing something right. Maybe it's a stretch to say that the
community that has developed among SkiVt-L members is tied to the
delivery technology, but many people have noted that SkiVt-L is NOT
TelemarkTips (nor that real old school anachronism, rec.skiing.alpine).
It is something different, something special.

Part of what we're doing right is simple continuity. SkiVt-L has always
used software and services that are fully supported by the University
of Vermont's Division of Computing and Information Technology. It runs
on robust hardware using industrial strength commercial software, all
of which is installed and maintained by a team of trained
professionals. Consider, Allen, if you did assemble a phpBB version of
SkiVt-L. What would become of it after you lose interest, or god
forbid, graduate? Poof, there it goes. Not a slight on you: the
ephemeral nature of student initiated projects is a fact of life at
universities. I've seen it dozens of times during the 17 years I've
been at UVM.

As far as moving SkiVt-L off-campus... well, then it wouldn't be
SkiVt-L. Like it says at the bottom of every SkiVt-L post: SkiVt-L is
brought to you by the University of Vermont. It is a student
recruitment tool. It is a public relations and community outreach tool.
It is now and always has been a non-profit, non-commercial ski industry

And finally, lest we forget, I'm the guy who put the Green in Plaid,
and put Plaid on the map. SkiVt-L is my baby. Don't be messin' with my

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