Hey all,

Yeah, I don't reply to the listserv much, but have been having a skiing problem
recently and was wondering if anyone else out there was having similar issues:

Last year I baught a pair of Nordica F8 boots, and got some custom foot beds
made for them. Now, ever since I've had these boots, I've felt like the of my
foot opposite the arch (I'm sure theres some name for it, but I don't know)
hurts pretty badly. Below is a diagram (poorly drawn, but good enough for
      \   |
       )  |
Arch-> )  |<-Part that hurts
       |  |
The pain feels kind of like an extreme stretching. When I'm on cruisers, I
hardly notice it. When I am in the trees or moguls however, IT KILLS,
especially right after I stop to take a break or wait up for others. I never
had this problem with my old boots (although they were a full size bigger). I
have asked some of the people I've skied with so far this year if they've felt
a similar pain, and a few have. I'm gonna try skiing this weekend with the
original insoles and see if it helps. If not however, anyone out there have any
suggestions for either pre-skiing stretching excercises or other measures I can
take to alliviate this pain?


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