Title:   Field Biologist
Employer:  Geo-Marine, Inc.
Location:   Applications are being accepted to fill temporary positions
for a study in the Gila National Forest, New Mexico.
Resume Deadline:  February 15, 2004

Job Descriptions:
Geo-Marine, Inc. is seeking field biologists to participate in a study of
the Mexican Spotted Owl in the Gila National Forest, New Mexico from the
beginning of April to the end of July 2004.  Job description is as follows:
Duties throughout the field season include surveying for and identifying
breeding status of owls, observing owl behaviors at selected nest sites,
collecting video and audio recordings, and conducting vegetation surveys at
the nest sites and within the study area.  Staff will be trained at the
beginning of the field season, but experience with survey work,
orienteering, equipment handling, computer data management, behavioral
observation, GIS, or New Mexico vegetation knowledge would be helpful.  The
position requires long hours of extensive hiking at night throughout rugged
and steep-sloped terrain at high altitudes (approximately 8000 ft.).
Applicant should be able to hike with a 30+ lb. pack.  Working hours vary
each day, but can be up to 12 hours at a time and some overnight work is
expected.  Applicants should be in good physical condition.

All Employees will be housed in a field encampment during the entire four
month season. They will have access to a food storage area, refrigerator,
field showers, potable water, and electricity.  Employees will be provided
with simple camping equipment for use during overnight work in the field
(bivvy sack, stove, water purifier), however, it is expected that employees
will provide their own personal items such as sleeping bags, tents,
backpacks, boots, and other appropriate clothing.  While the camp has many
comforts, it is in a remote area.  Access to grocery stores and other
amenities will be limited.  Field vehicles will be provided for work use
only; employees may bring their personal vehicles if desired.

Ability to accept all responsibility of the job and assigned tasks.
Ability to use provided computer technology to enhance the quality of work
and programs.  Ability to accept change and new information and cope with
job pressure and stress.  Ability to maintain focus and intensity, and
remain optimistic and persistent even under adversity.  Ability to develop
and sustain cooperative working relationships.  Ability to work
independently at field locations despite occasional adverse field
conditions.   Ability to work full time for the entire field season (four

Graduation from an accredited college or university with a Bachelor’s
Degree in related field is preferred.

Pay is $12/hour with a $28/day per diem.  Field biologists will work a 9
days on/ 5 days off schedule.

Duration:  April 5, 2004 – late-July

Start Date:  April 5, 2004 (no exceptions)

How to Apply:
Please send resumes to:
Dana Banwart
Geo-Marine, Inc.
11846 Rock Landing Blvd, Suite C
Newport News, VA 23606
(757) 873-3702 phone
(757) 873-3703 fax
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Employer Background:
Geo-Marine, Inc. is a 30 year old engineering and environmental consulting