Yoav Keren wrote:
> Order of movies to be determined.

Shall we take a vote? :p

I've inquired in the past about making the CSSA list archives publicly
available on  In light of the recent voting debacle I'm
reaffirmed that this is a good idea.  People who feel that too much CSSA email
is getting in their inbox are free to poll the archive on the web and disable
the list delivery to their email.  Bob is the list maintainer and is in the
position to make this change.  Last time I asked about this I know Bob told me
some reason for keeping it private but I forget what it was (maybe to keep
Norma safe from the RIAA).  Perhaps we should revisit that decision?

I also think voting is more appropriately handled in private emails to the
cssa account (not the list).  But on the other hand, using any threaded MUA, I
fail to see how one thread on a movie vote each semester is that much of a pain.

And I think a separate forum will not only not work well, it would be mean
someone working on it's maintenance when they could be doing more productive
things for the CSSA, which would be a shame.  I think the list serves its
purpose just fine modulo some minor tweaks (an archive and no voting).

I tried to stay out of this, but thats my $0.02.