Many of you are familiar with our feelings about Eudora ;-)

Many people still use the emailer and want to continue doing so.
Eudora has an upgraded version available, 6.0.3, which does
seem to fix many of the SSL issues that Eudora had previously so that we
can run it securely.

However, the Eudora developers inevitably seem to fix some things and
break a whole slew of others with every release.  Eudora 6.0.3 appears to
be unable to resolve our IMAP mailbox location prefix of "mail/", which is
a symbolic link to the "real" mailbox location which is somewhere in the
Zoo disk array.

So, if you upgrade to Eudora 6.0.3 and are running in IMAP mode (which is
recommended), your mailbox directory will show the "This isn't your real
mailbox" notice which is at the root of your Zoo user directory.  Your
actual mail folders will be found in the subdirectory "mail".  And, there
doesn't appear to be any way to force Eudora to get a clue.  No other
mailer, including previous versions of Eudora, has this problem so it
ain't us.

Lastly, this problem does not occur in Eudora for Mac (but give them

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