It seems that most email that I get that has a "[VIRUS REMOVED]" is nothing
more than a container for the virus.  There seems to be no useful information
in the rest of the email.

With the overabundance of spam and viruses I have gotten to the point where
it is acceptable to lose a portion of valid email in order to not have to
deal with the junk.

I say drop the message completely.

On Tue, 30 Mar 2004, Frank Swasey wrote:

> I would like to solicit comments and opinions from the community about
> whether we should deliver or delete email that is found to contain a
> virus.
> In our current environment, we will remove the virus from the email and
> modify the subject to include the phrase "[VIRUS REMOVED]" to indicate
> that a virus was found and deleted.
> What do you think?  Should we continue in this way or just delete the
> message?
> Thank you for your consideration,
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