If you're using the VPN that's built in to the Pocket PC, it's probably 
not gonna work.  the only one i've been able to get working (the only 
one i really KNOW of) is the movian VPN by certicom.  ( 
  you can also purchase a single licensed copy from

once you've got the VPN client installed, you should contact me or 
Roger Bombardier directly for the settings.  This is just a temporary 
solution;  Ideally after more testing we'll be able to create a 
UVM-configured installer for this.


On Wednesday, March 17, 2004, at 12:51 PM, Larry Kost wrote:

> You can disregard my previous question about VPN for my Pocket PC.  I 
> found the info in (of all places) the instructions on line.  I do need 
> to know  password, domain name, TCP/IP settings, and host name or IP 
> address of the VPN server.   Where can I get this info?
> Larry Kost