Just wanted to let you know about a workshop on empowerment evaluation and youth
decision making at the Kirk Alumni Center in Middlebury.  The information is pasted below and is attached (you will need Adobe to read it).  
The workshop is FREE and if you are interested or have questions you can contact Sara Smoller at VCHIP  (802) 847-5342  or email her ([log in to unmask]).

The Vermont
Research Partnership,
The Alliance for Civic
Engagement, and The
Vermont Association of
Regional Partnerships
Research : Youth
Decision Making"
A training session based on the
work of David Fetterman, designed
to reduce substance
abuse and violence in our communities.

**New Date and Time**
March 19, 2004
Kirk Alumni Center
Middlebury College
9:00am - 1:30pm

Food and Introductions
Overview of Work in Vermont
Overview of Empowerment Evaluation
Where are we going?
Where are we now?
11:30 12:00
Strategies for getting there
12:45- 1:30
Communication Strategies and
Project Monitoring

What is Empowerment Evaluation?

Empowerment evaluation is the use of evaluation
concepts, techniques, and findings to foster self determination
and program improvement. Using both
qualitative and quantitative methods, empowerment
evaluation is designed to help people help themselves
and improve their programs using a form of
self evaluation and reflection. Using a three step
process, program participants conduct their own
evaluations with an outside evaluator serving as a
coach. The aim is to internalize and institutionalize
evaluation as part of the planning and management
of a program.

Who is David Fetterman?

David Fetterman is the
current Director of
Evaluation, Career Development,
and Alumni
Relations at Stanford
University. He is the
past president of the
American Evaluation
Association. He has
conducted extensive
multi-site evaluation
research on the local, state, and national level.
David has recently spent his time developing
empowerment evaluation and has used this
approach throughout the United States, South
Africa, England, and Finland. He is a recipient
of the Lazarsfeld Award for Evaluation Theory
and the Mydral Award for Evaluation Practice the
American Evaluation Association's highest
In addition to his work with empowerment
evaluation David has worked on the state, national,
and international level conducting traditional
and consultative forms of evaluation.
His work in the field of gifted and talented education
is also widely recognized. He also used
educational technology extensively ranging
from virtual classrooms to producing digital
videos of his projects. David has served as a
consultant for a variety of federal entities including
The U.S. Department of Education and
the Centers for Disease Control, as well as
foundations such as the Kellogg Foundation,
Rockefeller Foundation, Marin Community
Foundation, and Hewlett Foundation. Additionally,
he is the author of 10 books, including
Foundations of Empowerment Evaluation and
Empowerment Evaluation: Knowledge and
Tools for Self-assessment and Accountability.
His methodology books such as Ethnography:
Step by Step (2nd edition) are adopted in
courses throughout the world. In addition, he
is a contributor to many social science and education

The following organizations are Sponsoring this activity:

The Vermont Research Partnership was
created by the Legislature to conduct
policy research for the State. The University
Vermont, the Agency of Human Services,
the Department of Education and the
Vermont Association of Regional Partnerships
are the key Partners.
The Vermont Association of Regional
Partnerships serve all 12 regions of the
Your local hosts are PACT (People of
Addison County Together) and the Alliance
for Civic Engagement at Middlebury
The following are Examples of
Youth Decision Making in Vermont
Youth Grant Making Councils
Youth on School Boards
Youth Leadership Training
Youth as Mentors
Schools on the Move Activities
Our Voices Exposed
Youth Services & Teen Centers