Hi everyone! Alianza Latina has requested that we have one or two people from the coalition come to their next meeting to do a short presentation about the group (what we do, what we are about, how to be involved) and the March (when it is, how to sign up, how much).  They meet Wednesday March 31 in L/L FPL at 7:30.  I have class so I am not able to go to the meeting, so if someone could volunteer to go, it would be wonderful because this connection is very important.  Free to Be also requested we have someone go to their next meeting, Monday at 6:30 I believe, to give the same kind of presentation about the group and the March.  If someone would like to volunteer to go to that meeting as well that would be great because I am no sure that I can make it, but again, this connection is important.  Please let me know this weekend! Love to all, Leigh

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