Sounds good to me! We need to change the posters then.  And would someone add the following addresses to the listserv:
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I have more but they are on my desk inmy room and I am at work now.  Did the tabling stuff work out all right? --Leigh

Charlotte Miller <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
Hi All,

We forgot last night that next week is International Women's Day and we had
agreed to endorse this panel and send a speaker. (Christina??) The panel is On
women and student activism and will feature speakers from different groups on
campus talking about what they are doing to be active and fight for social
change in the community and in the world. The theme for the day is women,
action, peace. Check out the website at For those of you who
don't know International Women's Day is an internationally recognised holiday
celebrated in almost every other country apart from the US so this day of
events is to let everyone know that we have something to celebrate also. It is
also so relevant for our particular struggle since we are trying to combat
Bush's continued war on women and we need to be vocal about it. When they are!
loud, we need to be even louder and people will be attracted to our
seriousness. THe panel will be held in Lafayette 207 at 7pm on MOnday 8th
March. This will be a great opportunity to build the co-ailition, get our name
out on campus and GET PEOPLE ON THE BUS. I think that we should defnitiely be
involved, we should definitely table and give everyone a flier for our meeeting
after Spring Break.

We should meet before this panel though so that we can plan out our campaign for
the second half of the semester. I suggest that we meet at 6pm in one of the
other classrooms in Lafayette so that we can have a planning meeting and give
ourselves lots of time to set up a table at the panel.

What do people think about this? Thoughts about times, places, support of the
event etc.


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