Hey folks,
  I have a few questions and want to also talk about the rally.
First question is about the UVM buses- I spoke with Kathleen Brown today about space on the UVM buses. She said that there is still space. The buses that PP has oraganized withy NOW and NARAL are full and we are starting waiting lists. I'd can refer folks to the UVM buses, if you'd like. Kathleen said it was ok to give folks her number for the UVM buses. I can post info on our website---want to make sure this is Ok with everyone, so if you'd like me to put info about UVM buses on our website, please just let me know what to put ( contact info...any info about buses).  Let me know what you think.
 About the rally--Kathleen and Charlotte brought up some questions...hope this helps:
Lauren is a student at UVM who had wanted to work on organizing the rally. She's not part of the coalition on campus.  
 Lauren is printing flyers today and folks will be postering asap. She's also done some outreach and emails to women's studies classes at the beginning of the semester.
 So far Lauren is speaking, David Zuckerman is interested, but needs to make sure he's free on friday, and then Gloria Feldt was going to speak.
  If folks from the coalition are interested in speaking, that's great! Please just let me know. It'd be great to talk with someone over the phone about it. Could someone (maybe Charlotte or Kathleen) call me tomorrow to let me know what you all want to do ?

Beth Tarallo, PPNNE
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While it's great that there is a rally happening on campus for the 25th, I feel like it would be better if students did the organizing themselves.  Did the coalition organize these speakers? (Dave's great, by the way)  Or was this just decided off-campus?  Is Lauren a member of the coalition? 
I know that the coalition voted to endorse this, but I think we should have a say in the speakers.  Maybe someone from the steering commitee- Charlotee, Christina could speak?  This should be democratically done through the coalition- not around it. 
Since it has already been planned and the president of planned parenthood is coming, we should go ahead.  But for the best event it should democratically voted on, organized, and publicized well (right now we only have a week and I haven't seen any posters).  And then we can hold each other accountable for its sucess since the Reproductive Rights Coalition is being represented, and is the main vehicle on campus for the march.   
Kathleen B.
Womens Center

Beth Tarallo <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
Hey folks,
 Next friday april 2 at 1:15 there'll be a Pro-choice rally and March kick off. We need folks to help flyer the day before (thursday) and possibly do set up and hand out flyers the hour or two before on the day of the rally.
A while ago, I emailed about someone tabling for the UVM buses at the rally. Can this still happen....can you sell tickets, or can people sign up at the table?
So far the speakers are:
Lauren Barnett (student at UVM organizing rally)
David Zuckerman (Will try and make it to the rally to speak) and
Gloria Feldt president of PPFA.
Let me know if any of you think you want to flyer, and if you'll definitely be there tabling so we can coordinate!

Beth Tarallo, VT Grassroots Organizer, PPNNE
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March with me on Sunday, April 25th 2004 for Women's Lives! Check out www.ppnne.org/march for more info and to buy bus tickets!


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