Lauren booked a spot for a ran location, but it's kind of far from the
Library.  (will tell you the name as soon as I get it from her)We can't get
a room inside the libary.

any other suggestions?
  beth @ppnne

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The weather forecast for Friday is rain. I'm not sure if we could get a big
or something, but I don't think people would be likely to stick around if
weather's bad. I'd like to have a back-up plan just in case. ~ Carly

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> Hello Everyone
> The rally this Friday will be held in front of Bailey Howe at 1.15pm.
> will be four speakers - Gloria Feld, David Zuckerman, Lauren Burnett and
> Lindsay Fromme (From our own RRC) and then there will be an open mike
> anyone can speak to the issues of women's rights and whatever else they
> link into this.    So we should all come to the rally and sell tickets for
> the
> bus.  (SHANNON - how is this going?  Any progress on the money issue?  We
> need
> to get this down BEFORE Friday)
> We should also hand out flyers for the rally when we table on Wednesday at
> the
> Gay Marriage Panel and on Thursday.  We need to build this big as this is
> event that will get people pysched about the march and let a lot of people
> know
> about it who might not have known before.  We have to beat back the Bush
> attack
> and this is a great way to start.  Let's get our voices heard because we
> the ones who have so much to lose here and so much to win if we are loud
> many.
> So Come Rally.  Tell everyone you know.  Announce in your classes and tell
> people on the bus, in the street, in the library, in the bar - wherever
> find yourself next to a stranger.
> Don't forget also the study group this evening at 6.30pm in Living and
> Learning
> fireplace lounge.  I'll try to copy some of the NARAL packers this morning
> and
> leave them in my box but if not I'll bring them tonight.  People should
> to
> this eeven if they haven't got the pamphlet or done the reading.  We need
> be
> armed with the arguments and the statistics to fight back.  The right is
> serious and so we must be too.
> Enjoy the sunshine,
> Charlotte
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> Charlotte Miller
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