Just a reminder to everyone that there is a meeting tonight at 7.30pm in Living
and Learning Commons 216 to discuss our plans for this week.  We need to talk
about the buses, most importantly, the rally on Friday and fundraising ideas.

I think that it's great that Leigh is going to the Free to Be meeting tonight
and we should get people to go to the Allianza Latina and BSU meetings so that
we can start making links between the different oppressed groups on campus.
Remember that the same people who want to crunch abortion rights also want to
to write a ban on gay marriage into the constitution and maintain policies
which keep minorities as second class citizens in this country.  If we all work
together and understand and support each other's struggles then we will be much
more successful.

About the rally, we need to make sure that we get at least two speakers to the
microphone because we know from experience that the speakers from the
established organizations won't push the rally hard, if at all.  We need to
attract students and remind people of how change is really won.  I encourage
everyone to come to the study group tomorrow night around the ISO pamphlet and
the NARAL packet (which I'll bring tonight) so that we can be hard on the
arguments.  THe right is on the attack and the established feminist groups
don't seem to be doing much about it (I don't mean FMLA, you guys rock!) so we
need to step up.

Have a good one, see you all tonight,

PS Steering committee meeting at 7 or no? I don't think we need one and if Leigh
and Cristina are both at Free 2 B then no point.