Hi All,
For those of you who were not at the last meeting, it was decided that we are
going to have a discussion on Tues March 30 at 6:30 (I blieve!) in the
Fireplace Lounge in L/L on a pamphlet that the ISO put out on the state of
abortion rights and the history of abortion rights. This is for anyone who is
interested, it will be great to learn some facts that you can use while talking
to people at events and while tabling. There are photocopies of the pamphlet in
the box outside Charlotte's office (Old Mill Annex 403 , phone #: 656-8746). SO
pick them up and read them before Tues. If you cannot make this time, there
will be other chances to discuss the reading. I really encourage all to read
it. I know it really helped me get arguments down..
The Right is on the attack and we need to be ready and organized to retaliate!!