Locking down the proxy settings can be done from an individual XP machine
through group policy. On a windows network this is most often done from the
server, but can be done on each computer. From the run menu, run gpedit.msc,
go to computer configuration/administrative templates/windows
components/internet explorer/ make proxy settings per machine. This should
do the trick for IE.

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Hi all,

Winooski is mostly Macintosh but we have been buying some new PC
computers. We have three new DELL computers running Microsoft XP
Professional and I need to create a user that cannot change the proxy
server address. I logged on as the administrator and changed the home
page and proxy server information but when I log onto a limited user
account they are able to change everything. I'm not too worried about
students installing software but I do not want them changing the
proxy address. Since we are mostly a mac school I don't have any real
security software except for Fortres installed on some older boxes.
Any advice would be appreciated.

- Bryan

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