Some school librarians that are trying to access the VEMA (Vermont
Educational Media Association) web site have been complaining of
filtering software blocking the site in their schools.

The site uses "stealth URL forwarding" so the actual URL is different.

Only a few schools are having this problem. Schools using SonicWALL are
having the biggest problem. People are speculating that it may have
something to do with the name of the URL,  vema-online.

I'm thinking that it's a local setting that can be changed to allow
this site but I know nothing about filtering conventions, etc. Other
sites using the same URL forwarding do not have these problems. Like
the DCF Awards or MEA (Montpelier Educational Association) page.

Any ideas on how to help the few schools-librarians get access to the

Roger Crowley
Montpelier, VT 05602