Sorry about the double post again.

Wondering if anyone is using .man profiles with folder redirection for
students and how is it working out?

I have a few test subjects working now and it seems pretty fast, except on
XP.  Takes about 3 minutes too log on.  Luckily we don't have much XP and
only 2 students have this .man profile.

Friday I'm rebuilding the profile on an XP machine to see if this makes any

I'm wondering if I should use roaming profiles with folder redirection.
Does anyone think this might be faster or better?

I guess I'm curious how other districts have designed profiles for students.

What can students do and what can't they do?  I believe that they should
only have access to application needed in the classrooms.

Also besides disabling MSN messenger in AD policy and at the firewall, does
anyone disable the Messenger Service on the local machine (the one not
related to MSN - the net send).  I have been building my images like this
and now I have some people, wanting to net send messages.  Can anyone think
of a good reason for this service to be running?  Should this service be
disabled on all servers?

Yet another reason why I do it:

I know this problem has been patched, but fewer services are better.

Paul Wood
IT Coordinator, RNESU
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