Hi Paul,
What you describe is a huge problem. In General, teachers don't get
network security. We have disabled teacher accounts for a period of time
for security reasons. It certainly makes people sit up and pay
attention. Unfortunately, it doesn't last. We implemented log in time
restrictions because we had teachers leaving themselves logged in
overnight sometimes with school administrative software open. People who
have had a real problem with this can only be logged in during contract
hours. As far as I am concerned, anyone who hands out their network
credentials to students should have their account disabled for a good
period of time. Of course you need to have the administration backing
you and the sanction should be communicated by the principal. Most
schools do not have a security policy in place and need to. We are
working on one for the supervisory union but it takes time to develop.

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Sorry for the double post.

I have a teacher that had local admin rights to computers in their
classroom.  They gave a student his logon information so that the
could install Radmin (  The teacher said that
was for legitimate purposes.  They said that it enhanced the
They also let the student install Windows XP on the computers.

The same student was found installing software on other computers from
jump drive.  The student also tried to use Radmin to access several
machines on the network.

The teacher wants to be able to display all classroom computer screens
through one projector.  I know there is other software out there.  Any

How do other network administrators deal with this?  Has anyone taken
network access from a teacher for abuse?

Should the IT department buy software that helps monitor students?
this software require local administrative rights?

Paul Wood
IT Coordinator, RNESU
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