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> >>But the chainsaw is not an appropriate tool for an eight year old, because
> it could harm him or her. They are not developmentally ready for such a tool
> - which is the point I am trying to make, albeit not very articulately.<<

First of all, I will assume you are not being literal here.   Neither of us
is proposing arming 8-year-olds with chainsaws.   Further, I respecfully
disagree about not being developmentally ready.   My five-year-old grandson, who is
not yet in school, has been using a computer since a little past his second
birthday.   It is up to us around him to make sure he is using it appropriately.
  (By th way, I do remember being issued toy hammers and saws in nursery
school back on the good ole State of Maine.   They waited until Kindergarten for
the hunting rifles).

 >>I don't understand why
we unquestioningly spend on computers and the simulated experience that they
provide, yet rarely consider spending on the real thing.)<<

If you can organize field trips to the Louvre, Rome, an operating theater, a
rain forest, go ahead, and I envy your district.   Barre City kids e-mail
their music compositions to professional musicians for their critique.   Besides,
has any district out there down away with field trips in favor of simulations?

I repeat, whether using a pencil or a computer, teachers need to be there
with best practices.

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