I know you have gotten some great responses from the folks who have been in the trenches a lot longer than I.  Just to be sure it is mentioned, though, I'd have the students take a look at some of the tasks described in the "Framework for IT Performance Assessment."

Additionally, I think the future of the web for teachers like me is the ability to individualize and/or personalize education.  Using David Gibson's PLP site I can have 25 students doing 25 completely different projects getting assessed on multiple standards.  Their distance mentors and I can always access the student's work and comment on it.  The program keeps track of which works are in feedback vs. final form, and which standards have been assessed.

 Another use I expect will expand here at Mt. Abe is the use of presentation or professional portfolios in which students are thoughtful about selecting "best pieces" and tying those to Vital Result standards.  I especially like the way the on-line transcript/portfolio allows admissions officers or business people access to "the whole" student, linking activities both inside and outside of the traditional classroom setting to Vital Results.  The process, if begun early, allows students to really think about themselves as learners and to recognize areas where they need to grow.  For example, I had a top-notch academic student realize that the whole column in her transcript on Civic and Social Responsibility was empty!  She modified some of her behaviors as a result and attended school board meetings and some state-wide conferences.

You were with me when I nervously sent my first email (was that 1980?) and it is astonishing to see my own children and my students using computers continually and natrually to enhance their learning.  My family now "needs" 3 computers with on-line access.  What a long, strange trip its been!  I'll be interested to hear how this meeting goes.  Good luck.

Lauren Kelley Parren
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Hi all -

In a couple of weeks I'm going to be speaking with a group of college seniors who have asked the question: "What are the good uses of educational technology in high school?"

Can you give me some examples that would answer their question?

If you respond, please don't feel you need to write a lot... just a few bullets. If there are any helpful links, please include them.

By the way, I don't need the BIG projects... its really the useful day-to-day, ground-level applications of technology & examples of technology integration within assorted content areas that they are seeking, not necessarily the technology-focused projects.

Thanks for any help you can give!!

Bill Romond

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