I hope I do not have bad information here.  This has been the word that we have received from our network support people here at South Burlington.  Perhaps someone can clear up whether or not this is, in fact, a service public schools are required to block?

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>One disruptive technology in our business is instant messaging.  NCLB has
>mandated that we block this tool, just when we had started figuring out
>ways to allow teachers and students to collaborate with it.  I think this
>is a prime example of reacting negatively to disruptive technology
>instead of finding ways for it to slingshot us forward in new and
>constructive directions.

I was not familiar with this particular provision of NCLB.  Could you
please shed some more light on why IM is prohibited?

Christopher Haessly
Network Administrator
Chittenden South Supervisory Union
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