We ran into similar problems a couple years ago with sites that used shared IPs getting cached in our proxy.  Th first site that got visited in one day got cached and other sites on the same server would then not be available that day.
I think the key is if your content filter looks into the upper layer information in the packet, or only layer 3, IP addressing, information.  Virtual servers, or multiple webservers hosted on the same IP address are becoming the rule, not the exception, so one would have to wonder about any filter that could only make filtering descisions based on IP address.
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It appears to me that this might be somewhat of a limitation in Doug's
content filtering solution.  It looks like his filter is preventing all
access to the entire content at that IP address.

>>Because our URL filter blocks by IP address, it
>> will block all the sites on a server when one (or more) of the sites
>> the server hosts is deemed inappropriate.

There may be some content there that is inappropriate, but most filtering
solutions give an option to only block the specific url and not the entire

For example, we have a situtation where the entire tripod.com domain was
blocked because there are some inappropriate websites located there.  One
of them was APPROPRIATE, so we added it to our whitelist of sites.  A
whitelist is comprised of specific urls that the local can get to, in
spite of the blacklisted domain.

It can be approached in (at least) two different ways... block the entire
domain and open up specific urls within that domain.  OR open the domain,
and block specific sites within it.  Similar to port blocking (ie
firewalls) in that all ports can be blocked and then opened individually,
or all ports can be opened, and closed down individually.

The actual limitations and features are dependant upon the filtering
solution chosen.



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