Hey Everybody!

Hopefully you all had a wonderful spring break and are getting adjusted to being

Since there was a low turn out at the last meeting, we are going to be having a
meeting on Thursday (3/25) at 5:30 in the club space!  If you are unable to
attend, please let either me or Andrew know.

Also, if you are unable to volunteer for the rest of the semester,
please...please let us know.  I've been hearing from some volunteers that their
partners haven't held up their end of the bargain and that their partners were
even considering dropping SEEDS. I'm not here to get on anyone's case, but I do
want to let you know that the schools are counting on you to be there to teach
their kids!  We understand that conflicts do arise and that sometimes people
have to drop activities, but please just let us know if you can' makes
our lives a lot easier knowing than not knowing.  Thanks!

Hope you have a nice week, and see you on Thursday!

-Sarah & Andrew
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