Service Learners and Partners,

The surveys are coming in: 6 yesterday and 7 more today Wednesday.  Thanks
again to the partners for their good efforts with this.  Our next meeting
will be Tuesday, March 23; we'll be working on material for the web site,
considering both contents and style.

Requests from partners:

  Mary, Deb, Mary Ann and Tiffany: can you attend the session on Tuesday,
March 30?  We'd like to review the web site material with you.  We need to
discuss the nature of the content, ownership of site after the course ends,
etc.  Also, we need to set up a time for the final presentation of the
results of the project; to whom should this be made and when should it
occur?  Student learners would like the presentation to occur no later than
May 5, the last day of classes.

Deac, the new head of Tranportation on campus, chatted with us last
night.  We are considering doing a small survey for her regarding housing
student cars off campus during the week.  We'll talk more about this on the
23rd.  Kelly, if we do this, we would need your help.

Feel free to stop by and look over the surveys.  Matt and Jane will be
chatting with Matt Wilson about survey analysis.  Keep up the good work!