RVT is well known and well respected by all potential employers partly due to the requirement for Medicare Reimbursement.
Most employers still use the "tech" term even though they are hiring a sonographer. Most do not appreciate the difference. 
Just recently after a reported work injury, my doctor kept referring to me as a stenographer.
40 years after a name change, radiologic technologists are still referred to as x-ray technicians.
I would rather be called a tech than a stenographer.
I am proud of my RVT status, not the initials or the words but what it really means. We determine what it means by our actions.Why make it more complicated. We have the recognition, respect and pay now.
Penny Lisowski RDMS, RDCS, RVT
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Subject: RVT Name Change by the ARDMS

Hi Everyone,

In the March issue of e-Spectrum, the following information was published regarding changing the RVT credential name to RDVS.

How does everyone feel about this decision?

Do you feel that RVTs should have a say in this matter?

Do you feel the ARDMS is seeing the whole picture when it comes to the future impact of a name change on the profession as a whole?

Does it really make a difference?

What is your general option regarding this matter?

I just want to see how other RVT's feel about this issue.



Roger Hull, RVT, RVS



ARDMS Board Votes Not to Change RVT Credential Name to RDVS

On March 2, SVU received an official letter from ARDMS informing SVU that at the Feb. 20-21 ARDMS Board of Directors Winter Meeting, the ARDMS Board voted unanimously NOT to change the existing Registered Vascular Technologist (RVT) credential name to Registered Diagnostic Vascular Sonographer (RDVS) as SVU had requested in March 2003.

SVU is very disappointed in this decision of the ARDMS Board as SVU believes that changing the RVT credential to RDVS is in the best interests of the vascular ultrasound profession.

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