> Greetings Wilderness Loving UVM Students!
>       Hard to believe but the time has once again arrived with the advent
> of warm (temporarily?) weather. Once again the search has begun for an
> esteemed team of multidimensional, diverse and involved UVM students
> who can capably provide an awesome wilderness expedition experience
> for 180 peers about to become the Class of 2008!
>       We will be hosting and informational meeting for students interested
> in leading TREK in August, on Wednesday April 7th at  7pm in the CC
> Theater in Billings. Attached is a position description outlining all
> the specific requirements. Applications will be available on that
> night. Please tell your friends, hall mates, team mates and
> classmates. We'll look forward to seeing you all there!
> Trekkin' toward the Summer,
> *John